About Tela

The Tela team is a passionate group of human-centered designers, technologists, behavioral scientists, and nerds who are passionate about improving cancer care.


Nicholas Kingston, MBA

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas has been commercializing technologies and advising organizations around data, strategy, and technology for over 12 years. Through his experience designing solutions to improve the way people work, he was motivated by the experiences of Christie and his aunt to develop a way to collect and develop insights from symptom data. He is particularly interested in the way people engage and interact with technology and is focused on designing a solution that leverages existing patient and clinical team behaviors. He is also one of the Founders of Bivee Inc, an advisory and design firm focused on improving the way people collaborate and make decisions.


Dr. Stephanie Williams
Spectrum Health
Sue Glass
CEO, YMCA Denver
John Hennessy
Steve DeViney
Executive Business Advisors

Chief Treat Officers


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